Memorabilia in August, 2015

1 The company has held the thirteenth section of the seventh workers’ congress.

2 The company has sent some staff to the 2015th China International Textile Forum held by China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce.

3 The company has sent staff to an exhibition in the United States of America.

4 According to the documents received from above, the company has arranged a company wide range inspection of safe production, hazardous chemicals, fire control, strictly implement the safe production work specifications, all-round inspections on the security risks. The company has rectified and improved the problems and hidden danger observed to ensure the ordinary management and safety of all staff.

5 The company has sent some employees to the transforming and upgrading subject training session of Sichuan international trade held by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation.

6 The company has sent staff to the export tax rebate process training held by State Administration of Taxation, Sichuan Provincial Office.

7 The comprehensive decoration of the ground floor has finished, and the relocation of offices from floor 10 to ground floor.

8 The company has improved the services for the retired veteran cadres according to the document requirements from above.

9 The company has conveyed greetings to the Anti Japanese War veterans Hongping Chen.

10 The company has reorganized the pre job training for part of the new employees.

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