Memorabilia in September, 2015

1、The company has been started the preparations for the 118th Canton Fair.

2、The company has held a workers’ congress to deliver and study the Inspection team leader’s speeches.

3、The board of directors of the company has approved the according to the requirements from superior.

4、The company has finished the security inspections and the arrangements for the security and rotas duty for the 70th Anniversary Day of Victory against Japan, the Mid-Autumn Day and the National Day.

5、The company has renewed the special contract for female staff and the workers comprehensive insurance.

6、The company has arranged the physical examination for the serving and retired staff.

7、The labor union has organized the union members to a collective activity.

8、The company has started all-round inspections on fire control, security and latent danger, and then established and proved a security management system.

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